Tourism Website Design

Get more bookings, reservations, and visitations with a result-oriented website

Responsive website designed for revenue growth

Today, a having a responsive website is not only a must. It is your business’s identity in the global digital community.  

At Ajumatech Consults, our number one priority when it comes to website design, is to get you more leads. And that means more bookings, reservations and visitations. 

To achieve this, we study the consumer behavior of travelers and tourists. And we design amazing websites based on the keywords your target customers are using. 

Common features of a tourism website

responsive design

We studied over hundred travel and tourism websites. And the results show that mobile-friendly websites perform far better in terms of conversion. 

Mobile-friendly sites are designed to display correctly over mobile phones. 

And since most of your target customers use the internet through mobile phones, we ensure that the look, the feel and the content gives your user an amazing experience. That’s a promise.

Customized for leads

As an agency dedicated to travel and tourism, we pay much attention to the consumer behavior of your ideal customer. 

And to achieve this, we integrate basic tourism website features such as booking forms, checkout and payment, Google maps, customer reviews, and calendar of activities where necessary. 

We combine industry best practices with your expectations to produce the best results. 


An SEO-friendly website ensures that when people search in Google or any other search engine for your service, your website ranks high. And stands the chance of being clicked on. 

To achieve this, we conduct intensive research into the industry to understand which keywords your target customers are searching for. 

And we curate content based on that. We take all aspects of technical SEO into consideration to ensure that you get a high ROI for your website design. 

social media integration

An integral part of a modern website design is social media integration. 

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the likes are very key in driving traffic to your landing page. 

We will customize your site to ensure that your visitors get to click and follow you on their favorite social media sites. 

And since social proof is an important approach to building trust in a brand, we could show your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube following on your website. Cool. 

How to measure the ROI of your completed website

Having an amazing website design for your tourism business is not enough. You have to be able to measure your site’s Return On Investment (ROI). And here’s how.


The easiest way to tell if your website is producing results is the number of calls or emails you receive. 

And that’s why our developers always design with a specific call-to-action in mind. 


Reviews on Google maps and Google My Business is another important means of measuring your website’s ROI. 

Don’t worry, we’ll show you how. 

Google analytics report

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for getting a detailed report of your website’s performance. 

You can easily see the number of site visits, their demographics, and even the source of the traffic. 

Brand populality

Imagine how amazing it would be to hear your customers gossiping about how helpful your website was. 

And it will happen. Because they’ll have a great experience on the site. 

contact information

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