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Getting a dedicated web design agency for travel and tourism has never been easy. 

And the problem is, normal website design companies have little knowledge about your customer’s journey.

This is why Ajumatech Consults was established. 

Our web design professionals have specialized in designing tourism websites meant to catch more bookings (revenue growth to be precise).

"I underestimated them at first. But they proved me wrong. They delivered right on time. And their customer service is simply unique. I'll recommend them"
Isaac Morfu gives testimony on website design for tourism business in Ghana
Isaac Morfu
CEO, Tsirkormpam Dance Theatre

common tourism website features

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Over 60% of Google searches come from mobile phones. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose a lot of opportunities. Insist on that to your web designer.

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Seamless booking

Today's travelers are impatient. They want everything at the speed of light. So if your booking process is clumsy and complicated, you'll lose the customer. Make sure your customer can easily book through your website.

Events calendar

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Customer reviews

Wouldn't you want to know what others say about a product before you buy it? Your customers are like that too. Give them a taste of your experience on your site.

Google map integration

If your business location is not clear, people might think you don't actually exist. To clear the doubt, integrate your location on Google maps. And make it clear on your website.

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Clear pricing

Travelers don't have time to search for your number, call you, and ask "how much does a night cost..." If they have to do that, they are no more your client. So make your products and their prices very prominent, And easy to see.

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get more bookings from an existing website

Do you have an existing website that is not getting you more bookings? Relax. We have helped others like to regrow their bookings from the same old website.

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