Top 5 marketing strategies all Tourism Businesses Should Try Now

Top 5 marketing strategies for all Tourism Businesses

Top 5 marketing strategies all Tourism Businesses Should Try Now

The world of Tourism is one of the closest things to a thrilling adventure anyone can witness. Everyone wishes for an experience involving new scenery, which may be in national or international locations.

People traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one year for leisure and not less than 24 hours, for business and other purposes, which goes beyond the common perception of tourism as being limited to holiday activity only.”

World Tourism Organization

Tourism marketing is unique in comparison to other businesses marketing in unrelated fields. Instead of mainly marketing products or services, you tend to market a variety of unrelated sectors your tourist site offers to tourists willing to visit.

A major sector in all tourism sites is the scenery (or location in a broader term). Other sectors may include the local meals offered, a conducive hotel or motel close by, or some engaging activities that your tourist site offers.

How do these Strategies Apply to your Tourism Business?

The primary goal of all tourist businesses is to make their tourist site the best option for tourists, piquing their interest in the things the site has to offer that are unavailable anywhere else. What better way to achieve this than in the digital world that accompanies millions of people every day!

Adopting the best marketing strategies is a major determining factor in the number of visitors a tourist site will get. These methods are diverse and can range from simple procedures to high-end decisions and plan implementation.

With this in mind, marketing your tourist site to potential clients boils down to acknowledging what makes your Tourist site unique. Answered the question? Now let’s show you 5 strategies you can use to market that uniqueness to the whole world!

These strategies help boost awareness of the amazing experience your tourist site offers to tourists all over the world.

Here Is a List of the Top 5 Marketing Strategies All Tourism Businesses Should Try Now

1. Identify and Market the Main Attractions on Your Tourist Site

Top 5 marketing strategies all Tourism Businesses Should Try Now
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Top of our list on the top marketing strategies all tourist sites should employ is to first identify the unique attribute your tourist site possesses. These can be special landmarks, intriguing Activities, Ancient structures, animals hosted, etc.

While marketing your entire brand will include all the major attractions, a better option would be to market a unique attraction your tourist site offers. This should be something that is only associated with your tourist business and hardly found in others. Another option could be to use the most desirable aspects of the place.

(Bear in mind this is not limited to only one attraction, your tourist site could have two or more unique tourist attractions or desirable aspects)

Actively marketing that specific attraction is sure to pique the interest of tourists. These potential visitors will be informed that the experience they will attain is worth it and will not be found anywhere else in the country. With this in mind, businesses and tourists can easily differentiate between your site and other sites.

Putting this into perspective, a real-life instance would be the Kakum National Park located in the Central Region of the Republic of Ghana, West Africa. Though this location has amazing forestry and wildlife, it is widely popularized by both tourists and natives for its ‘Canopy Walkway.’ Because of the high amount of tourist attractions in Ghana, this particular activity sets it apart from it’s competitors.

2. Design and Market Your Unique Tourist Brand


A brand is the face of the entire business. Develop your brand identity. Secondly, market it the right way.

This digital marketing strategy is a major part of almost every successful business marketing arsenal, this includes not only global tourist sites but global industries all around the world.

Almost all companies use branding to distinguish their services or goods from those of other retailers. Your logo, general appearance, color scheme, and messaging are all examples of branding.

The primary objective here is to emphasize the distinctive characteristics of your target country so that it is easy to see and distinguish from others.

Developing and marketing your unique digital brand to tourists is an excellent marketing strategy that has the potential to generate positive results. Learn more about developing an amazing tourist Brand

3. Identify and Promote to Your Target Visitors


Another wonderful marketing strategy all tourist businesses must utilize is choosing a specific audience to market to; an audience with high chances of actually being interested (or developing interest) in your tourist site.

Technological advancements in the digital world have granted businesses endless opportunities & tools they can use to market their offers to the right visitors.

The type of tourist site you aim to promote should reveal a lot about the Demographic of your intended target audience. Understanding this will help you create the best marketing strategies.

In an international scheme, you need to discover if your tourist site appeals to families, a younger generation, pensioners, business travelers, students, or couples looking for honeymoon destinations.

Locations with aesthetic beauty and thrilling sceneries like waterfalls, parks, beaches have higher chances of attracting couples, families, pensioners, and students. However, tourist sites like places with historical or cultural significance are likely to attract older tourists and media personalities.

In summary, you need to know which audience your tourist site appeals to.

You will be able to develop a marketing strategy that is most relevant to each group of visitors once you have identified your target groups.

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4. Social Media Influencers are an Asset, Utilize Them

Top 5 marketing strategies all Tourism Businesses Should Try Now

Using social media stars, celebrities or influencers is a mild scope of influential marketing.

 A social media influencer is someone who influences others through their social platforms. In order words, they are celebrities of the internet. These people already have a massive fan base on social media. They can range from athletes, bloggers, musicians, actors, Content creators, to even Politicians and other media personalities.

These influencers already have thousands to millions of fans who they influence; Due to the digital relationship they have, it is much easier for fans to believe and trust their recommendations. Identify and contact the right social media to promote your tourist site to their massive audience online.

Partner with influencers with a fan base that is likely to be interested and visit your tourist site. Identifying the right social media influencers boils down to the demographics of their fan base.

The idea is to build trust through influencers who already have an engaged audience.

Using a social media influencer comes at a cost. Some influencers will demand cash in return for a promotional blog, photo, or video of your tourist site. However, the usual arrangement of such is the social media influencer is offered free accommodation (if available). This also can include free services (and/or products).

Top 5 marketing strategies all Tourism Businesses Should Try Now

Last on our list of marketing strategies for tourist sites is utilizing popular travel websites for free promotions

In addition to building your website, you must also connect with your audience on other web platforms. These platforms include other reliable and respected travel websites like TripAdvisor.

For instance, you may put pictures, articles, or movies on the web pages and track nation visitor evaluations. Make sure you answer any visitor remarks, whether they are good or negative about your country of destination.

Due to the location your tourist site is located in, consider which platform will work best for you. Some examples of Websites you could use to promote your tourist sites include:

There you go! These are the top 5 marketing strategies all tourism businesses should adopt. Because of its demand for some marketing knowledge, these strategies may seem difficult at first. Employing these strategies accurately will raise awareness of your site, thus leading to visits annually.

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