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If you are struggling to make social media work for your travel and tourism business, welcome! We want to help you to get more bookings from social media.

"When you have something like Facebook messenger, squeeze the shit out of it. Extract those people's sales and emails."
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Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO, Vaynermedia

Social media is a goldmine for tourism

Social Media Agency is quite new to many leaders in Africa. But as people get busier than ever, and the platforms change at the speed of light, there is the need for specialization. 

As you read, over 70% of travelers (including you I guess) use social media. 

So you see, if you are not getting more bookings through social media marketing, then you are losing a lot. 

But the era has not ended. It is still booming. And we can help you to make more reservations through social media. 


Link building, one of the processes used by seo agency for tourism businesses.

how to get the best out of social media

Attempting to have an account on every social media site is simply suicidal.

And if you have an account that is not making a lot of bookings, that could even be more frustrating. 

Here’s the truth;

Social media evolves at the speed of light. Super fast. 

So to save time, spend less, and get more bookings from social media marketing, your strategy needs to be implemented by professionals. 

If you want us to train your team on social media marketing, click on the link below.


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What we can do for you

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Promote Brand

Do you want more of your target audience to know about your brand? We can help your brand to get more shares, comments and brand mentions on social media.

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Public Relations

Here, we'll use relevant social media page(s) to communicate your voice to the world. We'll listen to brand mentions, respond to comments, and protect your integrity.

Research and Development

If gathering data on consumer satisfaction is your problem, we can help you. So long as most of your customers are on one social media or the other, we can reach out, research, and plan properly.

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Customer relations

Don't chase your clients to check their emails for important updates. In fact, you must reach them where they are comfortable. And we make sure you are always with your clients.

Generate leads

Do you want to receive more calls or enquiries about your tourism business? Social media could be your ultimate solution.

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Make Bookings

Social media is no more for conversations, but for payments too. So your customer can begin their research on your Facebook page for instance. And end up making payment from the same page. We can make it safely, easy to use, and more secured.


If you have a website that is not getting you enough bookings, we can help turn it into a booking magnet.