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"I think every tourism business needs a travel SEO agency or professional. Because if 3.5 billion daily searches are happening on Google, then you can't just sit and watch your website. You must take advantage - know what people are searching. And be their solution"
Isaac Asomah, founder of Ajumatech Consults a travel SEO agency in Ghana
Isaac Asomah
Founder, Ajumatech Consults

Why outsource to a travel seo agency?

Are you wondering whether to outsource your website’s management to a credible travel SEO agency? 

Well, if your website is not getting you more bookings, then you should. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very technical. And no matter how talented you are, if you don’t how it works, you’ll only waste precious time and money. 

A travel SEO agency would optimize your website so that it gradually ranks on page #1 when Janet searches online for a specific service or product. 

And if your website shows on page #1, it will get a lot of website visits. And the ultimate outcome is high revenue growth. 

Link building, one of the processes used by seo agency for tourism businesses.


Today’s travelers can be quite complicated. 

And to be successful in marketing your tourism business effectively, you need to think like your customer. And that’s why data is so important. 

Basically, your customer(traveler) goes through five main stages; the dreaming, planning, booking, and the experiencing stage.

A travel SEO agency researches to find out what the traveler searches for at each stage of the customer journey. 

And optimizes your website to meet their search needs. And get more travelers who need your service to visit your website. 

 To achieve this, Ajumatech Consults uses four main processes as you’ll see in the next section. 

our 4 step seo process

icon for audit on SEO for tourism agency

Initial Website Audit

During the initial audit, we determine the initial performance of your website. And critically examine your competitors' strategy. So that we can develop a strategy that puts your business ahead of your competitors.

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Keyword Research

If your site is as beautiful as a dimple, but is not ranking for the right keywords, you'll get no satisfying results. So we conduct research to ascertain what your target audience are searching on the internet. And optimize your content to meet meet their needs.

keyword research as part of the stages of SEO agency for tourism, Ajumatech Consults

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization includes the changes we perform on your website to make sure it ranks high and looks great. For example, including keywords in site title, meta description, headlines, etc.

Link building

If you don't have more relevant inbound and outbound links on your website, your site will definitely not get a lot of visitors. So we implement a strategy to get more relevant organic links to your website.

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