How to Create a Unique Brand Identity for your Business

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity for your Business

A brand identity consists of different business values, and how the brand communicates those values through its products and services.

Essentially, everything your customers are going to see and associate with about your business values is your brand identity.

This can range from the logo on your business, your social profile, your services offered to the product description present on your website.

One of the most important sectors of a business’s brand is its ability to develop, understand and communicate its identity to its clients.

A business’s brand identity is often mistaken with its product, logo, or slogan individually.

While these things are relevant, they alone hardly identify as your brand’s identity. (Although there are some exceptions to this)

Consider an identity of your business as a self-explainable layout for your assets, services, products, and offers.

The identity of a business’s brand can be visual, orally-spoken, text, abstract, or even a feeling of comfort, safety, mystery, and luxury.

While the same methods of sharing a brand’s identity with potential customers are normally similar, it is fairly important to define an identity that will be unique to only your business.

This will set you apart from other businesses that are your competitors in the same market.

Your brand’s identity should not only align with your business’s utmost values, but it should showcase them in the most unique way possible.

Understanding what your unique brand represents that differentiates its services from other businesses is one of the major steps in defining your brand’s identity.

Brand identity can constitute a variety of marketed assets that a company possesses, some of which includes:
  • Slogan
  • Digital Art
  • Logo
  • Trademark
  • Name
  • Communications
  • Visual appearance
  • Unique Pricing

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Some brands directly associate one or more of these assets as their unique identity. Typical examples of this are the popularly tech-tycoon, apple, and its trademark logo –an apple with a piece taken out.

Some brands make a single marketing asset their identity, marking their entry into the playing field.

An example of how your business brand identity should be a direct representation of the unique services your business offers can be witnessed with the company KFC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) famous slogan reads ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’; including all other aspects of their visual marketing, products, and services; these all combine to showcase their brand’s identity, which is to enjoy trusted, tasty, uniquely flavored food (chicken).

Developing the persona of your business can be a hassle if you are uncertain about the concept that determines what would work best for your business.

Brand creation involves creating key brand elements such as a unique visual expression, brand personality, and positioning that identifies and differentiates a product from its competitors.

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Good, effective branding requires intense work and an understanding of your business’s core values and its services.

You can create an amazing brand identity if you fully follow and understand these two steps:

Step One: Know what makes Your Business brand Unique

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity for your business

firstly, identify and understand what makes your business special.

Identifying what makes your business unique is a major step in creating your brand identity. As a business owner, Find out what your business pride itself in.

This will ultimately be the touch that differentiates your brand from other businesses in the same field.

Why would a customer come to you and not the other business down the street?

Why should someone who has employed your services or previously bought your products recommend you to other potential customers?

Every business has that one marketing aspect that will be popularized among customers and potential customers. Once your uniqueness is known, take a step further and develop your business identity around it.

Some of the most popular qualities that become unique to businesses include special pricing, quality, quantity, design, location, specific product or service, fastest delivery, refund policy, etc.

Identifying your Brand’s Values and assets in the market later results in how your business will distinguish itself in the saturated market.

Step Two: Create your brand Identity Using the information obtained from Step one

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity for your business

Secondly, use the data obtained from step one to create your identity.

After brainstorming and realizing what makes your business special when compared to others, the next step is to develop your brand identity around it.

A business brand identity should directly represent the business core values, which they offer to their esteemed clients. E.g. – If your restaurant’s selling point is its fair pricing and native foods offered, it would be a good idea to develop an identity that highlights these things.

Another option that follows is to develop a magnificent logo & slogan. This will be the ultimate identity of your business that your clients would use to recognize and associate your wonderful services to.

Because customers tend to remember visuals better than text, this could generate better results.

This phenomenon can be witnessed in Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

How to Create a Unique Digital Brand Identity for your business
Social media companies all have developed brand identities. this explains why you can recognize them by only their icons (logo)

Their logo is recognized pretty much in any civilized society, even by people who do not engage with their platforms.

Another similar example occurs in fashion industry brands like Gucci. This company has established its brand’s identity to one of the highest levels ever recorded.

Three-striped colors & double ‘G’ is Gucci’s most popular identity. Gucci has associated these qualities mentioned with luxury, expensive and outstanding quality. In summary?

Whenever people see their logo, colors, or brand name, they associate it with the qualities mentioned above. Why? Because this is Gucci’s brand identity.

As a result of this tactic, Gucci has been able to promote their brand’s identity to worldwide.

In this scenario, all marketing will include the logo, as this will help incorporate the graphic with your business value, products and services, and finally its identity.

After developing your business Identity, protect it at all cost

thirdly, Always protect your brands identity at all costs and live up to them. If your clients get the impression that they have been mislead, you will loose them forever.

if you own a restaurant and its slogan indicates ‘delicious meals’, ensure that all meals dished out is tasty. In the case of a luxurious restaurant, be sure to possess state of the art meals, view, furniture, interior, etc.

If you own a delivery service, and your identity interprets as the fasted delivery service in town, be sure to BE THE FASTEST DELIVERY SERVICE IN TOWN!

There is not one spectacular value that all businesses must conform to in building their business identity. Every business brand must build its identity to represent its values.

This two steps will get you on the right path to developing your business identity. In depth understanding is still required to develop a professional brand identity that will stand out to clients & customers.

That is where we come in!

professionals are just a step away from handling all these steps and building an amazing business brand identity.

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