5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising: 4 Common Mistakes Businesses Make

Facebook Advertising: 4 common mistakes businesses make

Advertising with Facebook can look like a straightforward task, requiring only minimal knowledge of the platform or its advertising interface. Though Facebook makes advertising on their platform as easy as possible, businesses keep on making the same pattern of mistakes over the years.

Let us tackle identify and tackle these mistakes so do not have to make them and learn the hard way!

The fact that Facebook Currently boasts of more than 2.70 billion monthly active users is a gold mine to businesses that are looking to identify and interest potential clients into patronizing their businesses.

The global platform offers businesses a wide variety of advertising options to choose from, and with a network of billions of users, it provides the potential to reach tons of prospects all over the world.

As straightforward as this may sound, people who are unfamiliar with the whole process may end up making a ton of mistakes that resultantly ends up disrupting their marketing strategy or the output of the ads ran.

Data cumulated from Weebly, shows up to 62% of small business owners say that their Facebook ads campaign never works out well. Due to the constant repetition of these mistakes by enterprises, we can strategically avoid them as we choose to run our Facebook advertisements.

Here are 4 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Facebook Advertising

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Facebook Advertising

1. Lack of clear Objectives

Lack of Objectives is a common mistake that most businesses make when running their ad campaigns on Facebook.

Failure to establish clear objectives can lead to minor positive results in all sectors of your business. This is goes against the idea that demands a major positive result in an intended field.

All businesses should develop a measurable objective and create their strategy from the outset.

Having a clear idea of your objective would help in developing the right strategy to suit your goals.

Examples of Objectives businesses could aim includes:

1. To increase traffic to your website

2. To create an awareness of an event or page

3. To increase conversions and leads to the landing page

4. To increase sales of a product.

This list could go on and on. In addition, if things are not working as planned, you can decide to pause or change the parameters for your campaign instead of just wasting funds.

2. Failing to Monitor Ads Consistently

Consistency is key. Consistently observing the performance of your ads is a key factor in achieving success. Facebook ads run automatically after initiated. However, they require constant monitoring as you begin to obtain data, which are but are not limited to impressions, Clicks, reactions (like / dislike), and comments.

It is left to the marketer to use this data obtained to alter their strategy.

Too much dislike and distasteful comments? Then your ad is provoking a negative reaction. You need to change it.

Too many impressions and less than 3% click rate. Even though Facebook is showing your ad on user’s feeds, but most of them are not interested enough to click it.

Use this information to better your advertisement, this, in turn, generate a better result.

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3. Poor Audience Targeting

This is one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. When advertising your products or services, you have to Target a specific audience in the market.

Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service. The target audience may be dictated by age, gender, income, location, interests, or a myriad of other factors.

Luckily, the Facebook advertising interface provides you the options to choose the age ranges, geographic areas, or genders of the people you intend to see your ad.

These are some of the key points to keep in mind when defining your target audience:

By Location

Ads can be targeted using the user’s country, state, zip code, city, town, etc. If you run a Restaurant, then your immediate interest would be to inform people living in the same town as your establishment is located.

While a hotel would need to spread its wings a little further and target customers all over the country, even outside!

By Demographics

 Demographics involve categories like sex, age, marital status, income levels, etc. This will be a useful spec to certain businesses like spas, gyms, firms, playhouses, etc.

By Interests

Every Facebook user has interests that entertain them on the platform. Depending on the product or services you offer, you can target an audience that has similar interests.

If you sell cars, you can your ads to target users with an interest in vehicles.

4. Using the Wrong Facebook Ad Type

Another common mistake a lot of business made when using Facebook ads are they tend to use the wrong Facebook ad type.

All Businesses opting for the use of ads on Facebook have the option of utilizing the various types of ads. Most businesses tend to choose an inappropriate type hoping to get the desired response that does not correlate.

Among the many ad options marketers are presented with, some of the most used are boost attendance at events, bring people to a website, and urge them to install an app.

Requesting an opinion on a subject, Becoming familiar with each type and its purpose helps reduce the likelihood of selecting an ad that won’t connect with your audience.

Marketers are required to use these options following the goal the establishment is trying to achieve.

Some of these goals may be to increase brand awareness, increase sales and lead generation, increase web traffic, increase candidates for a service or program, etc.

Facebook marketing is one of the best means of digital marketing. With more than 2 billion users, businesses have access to the largest customer base in the entire world.

Because of competition and errors, it may become extremely hard to recruit customers to acquire your services or purchase your product.

Stand out with your ads and avoid these common mistakes and you should be a step further in creating the perfect ads for your business.

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