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Top 3 positive outcomes of coronavirus to expect in ghana

Top 3 positive outcomes of coronavirus to expect in ghana

Today, we are going to talk about 3 freaking positive outcomes of coronavirus that will happen in Ghana.

I am sure by now you know a bit about the global epidemic. The one invading every continent without respect for race, sex or wealth. 

Globally, more than 250,000 cases have been confirmed. Out of these, 10,406 have died, and 89,602 have recovered.

Positive outcomes of coronavirus - current global trend


However, in every situation, there is good, and bad.

Today, we are diving into the 3 changes that are going to happen.


  • Work from home has been born
  • Mobile money and online transactions will become the new norm
  • Coronavirus will cause more technological innovations, less over-reliance on others
  • Conclusion

1. Work from home has just been born 

Africans has no option than to raise the bar and start working from home.

In many African countries, the Government’s immediate control measure against Covid-19 has been to stop conferences, social gatherings and schools. 

Positive outcomes of cornavirus - President shuts down schools temporarily, online tuturing about to begin

Other interventions include a ban on official travel by government officials. Yet, the government and health officials are supposed to liaise with the international community for brainstorming, updates, and monitoring. 

It is therefore obvious that the central government cannot shut down its machinery. 

To reduce the risk of top officials getting infested and spreading the Covid-19 virus, many heads of institutions would have no option than to adopt a work from home style. 

Conferences and seminars shall be done online. And where possible, reports and documentations that were otherwise done on paper, would now be done through online softwares. 

As such systems take off in the government sector, the private sector will be innovating to work with smarter people and machines. 

More people will work from home, and most businesses will outsource to contractors for an hourly pay. 

Covid-19 is definitely going to change the way we work in Africa. 

But this is just one of the positive outcomes of coronavirus.

There’s more.

2.  Mobile money and online transactions will become the new normal.

The second positive outcome of coronavirus you should expect is a rapid growth in the use of mobile money.

According to Quartz Africa, Ghana is one of the fastest-growing mobile money users in Africa.

As part of measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Bank of Ghana has liaised with telecommunication networks to increase the use of mobile money for all forms of transactions. 

For the next three months beginning today, all mobile money transactions below GHC100 will attract no charges from service providers. Also, daily transaction limits for users has been increased dramatically. 

This move will lead to the development of new habits. Be looking forward to a Ghana where the trotro mate will shout,

“Massa I haven’t received the momo ooh. Send it fast. Kumasi! Kumasi! Kumasi!” 

Even your local chop bar owner will paste an inscription “No Cash is accepted”. Why? Because money, which we all struggle for, could easily spread the coronavirus.

Are you ready for this? Let’s move on. 

3. Coronavirus will cause more technological innovations, less over-reliance on others

Covid-19 will create more economic mess than you can ever imagine. 

I am not a prophet of doom but I can easily say with confidence that lots of jobs will be lost in Ghana. 

Globally, it has been estimated that the pandemic could  have a whooping US$300 billion impact on the world’s supply chain over a period of 2years. 

Would it be the end of the world? Absolutely not. 

Its just the beginning of an evolution. The global economic hardship will force slow moving nations like Ghana to evolve at the highest speed, or suffer. 

Thanks to the internet. The opportunities are boundless. 

Positive outcomes of coronavirus - work from home is a new norm

Youth in various communities will begin to think outside the box, come out with innovative tech ideas, and sweat till something big happens. It’s time for the survival of the fittest, and I strongly believe that the youth of this great nation will make history in this stormy moment.

As skills in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media are in high demand, smart youth will use the current free period to develop their skills and compete favorably with the world.


Coronavirus is spreading fast, it can kill, but there’s no need to drown yourself in fear.

You just learned about 3 freaking positive outcomes of coronavirus that will happen in Ghana within the next few months.

But don’t freak out. It’s just a signal for everyone to think outside the box. And be ready for a temporary tough moment.

Be innovative and explore every situation for the positivity. Like Robert Schuller once wrote, “Tough times never last, but tough people do”. 

Wash your hands regularly, avoid handshakes, avoid social gatherings, and cover your mouth the right way whenever sneezing. 

Did I miss something out? What do you think of the epidemic?

Share your comments below?

15 thoughts on “Top 3 positive outcomes of coronavirus to expect in ghana”

  1. These changes would be very good and help Ghana and other nations to move faster like you said but the means through which the change is taking place is very strange.
    I pray it will stop killing us so we can live to enjoy all the positive changes

    1. We just have to observe the simple instructions proposed by WHO. The good news is that the disease is not killing as fast as its spreading. So we observe the instructions giving such as avoiding social gatherings, and living a healthy conscious life, we can manage the situation.

      Thanks for your thoughts

  2. That’s the way things will be going from now.
    Every challenging situation brings along opportunities.
    I’ve already taken up some opportunities that I believe are very helpful.

    1. Great. Every problem has a seed of success within. These are tough times. And everyone has to be tough minded and observe simple instructions. Take care and thanks

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