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5 Best strategies to market tourism in Ghana online

5 Best strategies to market tourism in Ghana online

In this article, you’ll discover 5 best strategies to market tourism in Ghana using the internet. 

In fact, these strategies are for businesses that are planning for the upcoming tourism boom in 2021/2022. Why? Because now, is the time that people in the developed countries are planning their 2021 trips. 

So if you want to get more visitation, reservation, and bookings after the Covid-19 travel ban, then this article is for you.

Make your website more relevant

Your brand’s website is your official identity on the internet. And that means just having a website is not enough to get your tourism business promoted. 

So, how can you ensure that your website is giving you the desired results? 

Here are a few things to bring your website manager’s attention to;

Have a blog page

Blogging could be one of the best strategies to market tourism in Ghana.

A blog gives you an opportunity to share valuable information that your target customer needs.

For example

Shai Hills could focus on sharing weekly information about animals in the forest. This would excite nature enthusiasts and cause them to make the destination a part of their next tour.

Update images with current ones

Most tourism business websites have pictures that were taken ten years ago.

And even the quality of the images is enough to piss people off immediately.

If you really want your tourist site, hotel, or travel agency to get more customers, invest in quality pictures for your website.

Update content to meet searcher’s demand

Talk to your website manager to do keyword research and find out what people are searching for on the internet. And let him/her update the content of the website so that when people search on Google for topics relating to your tourism business, they can land on your website.

Provide accurate and adequate information on the website

Opening hours, attractions, prices, and other relevant information should be very clear and accurate.

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Have a campaign theme and use stories to communicate your message

Sometimes we get too busy worrying about the numbers, without paying attention to what we are communicating to the traveler.

Humans love stories, and there is no successful marketing campaign that had no story. 

So, what is your story? What emotions do you want people to associate with when they pay for your service? The answer could be a game-changer. 

For example

A tourism destination site like Kakum National Park could decide to talk about ‘The healing power of the forest’ for a given year.

That year, they could focus on blogging, recording short videos, and granting interviews on the healing nature of the forest. They could also talk about some plants that our forefathers used for medicine, and how our survival depends on the forest.

Communicating consistently about a specific theme could wet people’s appetite to want to come for such an amazing experience, rather than just showing up because it’s a park. 

Collect customer data and feedback for decision making

The advent of the internet has made it so easier for businesses to collect and analyze customer data for proper planning. 

And the good news is, there are plenty of tools out there for gathering such data. You might underestimate this strategy, but trust me, its one of the best ways market tourism in Ghana. 

Here are a few examples of tools you can use to collect and analyze data about your clients and prospects. 

Google analytics

Connect Google Analytics to your site and get easy-to-understand monthly reports about your website visitors.

You’ll discover information such as which pages they visit the most, which country your visitors come from, their gender, and how they got to your website (whether through an online search, Facebook, etc).


If you want to know your clients’ experience with your tourism business, you can’t miss out on Tripadvisor.

So, if you haven’t set up an account, visit and spend a few minutes to fill up the forms.

But if you have set up Tripadvisor already, be sure to manage comments. Because if don’t manage negative comments well, it could go against you very seriously.

Social media reviews

Most businesses post updates, events, and facts about their tourism businesses on social media. But only a few encourage followers to give reviews.

Social media is a great tool for getting customer reviews and recommendations. Because that’s where we live now.

Social media channels like Facebook gives your visitors the opportunity to review your brand. But you have to make a conscious effort to encourage people to share their opinions and reviews about your services.

Very important.

Dominate on Social media

I cannot emphasize enough how incredible you can use social media to promote tourism in Ghana. 

And the truth is, you don’t have to be a genius to post on social media. 

For example

You can decide to write one sentence about your products, services, staff, or anything that has to do with your business every morning. And you’ll get followers who will love it. 

I think too many people are afraid of what people will say about their post. But if you love your business, and you are passionate about what you do, then what prevents you from sharing a piece of what you love? And it’s OK to start and make little mistakes. It’s part of life.

So, now that we are in the lean season, set aside an hour each day. And post something about your tourism business at least twice a week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram.  

If you want to get some inspiration on how to do this, check out Ben Kwesi Annan (Kumasi Walking Day Tours) on Facebook.  He shares fantastic short but simple videos of places he visits almost every day. You have my permission to steal his strategy. 

You can do it.  

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Offer incentives to influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies of the now. It might look expensive to engage them for your brand’s promotion. 

But you can be strategic about it. 

Case in point

You are the CEO of a hotel in Kumasi. Shortlist ten celebrities who have a large following on social media. Pick up your phone and call each one of them. Let’s say you called Delay. You can offer to give her one-night free accommodation anytime she comes to Kumasi. 

And even add that she can come with three friends for free lunch. Now when she comes, spend some time with her and don’t be shy, take selfies with her and her friends at a strategic location that shows the beauty of your facility. 

And guess what, each of her friends can show your hotel to thousands of people on social media. And if she loves your place, she will indirectly bring more people to your facility. 

You can also lobby to have their events held at your hotel or tourist facility. And you will reap the benefits. 

Be strategic though because not every celebrity has large followers who are relevant to your business. Nice.


Now you have it, the  5 best strategies to market tourism in Ghana on the internet. 

The future of tourism in Ghana is bright, and I believe strongly that if you implement these strategies above, you’ll stand out amongst your competitors in these hard times and beyond.

But remember, action always wins the game.

If you need help in implementing any of the strategies outlined, please get in touch and let’s discuss how best I can help you. 

And please, leave a comment below to help me to help mother Ghana.

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